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Polymer Physics and Processing


Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dirk W. Schubert




M. Himmler, Electrospun PCL-Collagen nanofiber membranes as substitute for posterior lamellar keratoplasty, 6th International Symposium, Interface Biology of Implants (IBI), 8 – 10 May 2019, Rostock, Germany, Best Poster Award



Y. Qin, M. Qu, J. Kaschta, D.W. Schubert, Comparing recycled and virgin poly(ethyleneterephthalate) melt-spun fibres, Annual European Rheology Conference 2019 (AERC 2019), 8.-11. April 2019, Portoroz, Slovenia, Best Poster Award





K. Leucker, D. W. Schubert, Revealing correlations of bonding area and pilling behaviour of polypropylene nonwovens using a novel objective test method, Polychar 26 World Forum on Advanced Materials, Carl Klason Student Award






C. Regelmann, F. Küng, P. Stafiej, F. E. Kruse, D. W. Schubert, T. A. Fuchsluger, Mapping of the electrospinning parameters for PLGA-Nanofibers, 15th Bayreuth Polymer Symposium, Bayreuth


J. Daenicke, D. W. Schubert, Evaluation of the influence of crosslink density and penetrant size on the diffusion properties of silicone oils into silicone elastomers, Europe Africa Conference 2017 of the Polymer Processing Society, Dresden


F. Lanyi, N. Wenzke, J. Kaschta, D. W. Schubert, Novel method to measure surface crystallinity of fibers and nonwovens, 54th Nordic Polymer Days, Stockholm


A. Ziegmann, D. W. Schubert, Evaluation of the electromechanical transduction performance of silicone elastomers filled with bariumtitanates of different particle sizes, International Workshop on Silicone based Poylmers, Snekkersten


F. Küng, T. A. Fuchsluge, D. W. Schubert, Designing novel scaffolds for ocular surface reconstruction based on aligned nanofibers, Polychar 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


M. Qu, D. W. Schubert, Conductivity of Melt Spun PMMA Composites with Aligned Carbon Fibers, Polychar 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


P. Stafiej, F. Küng, T. A. Fuchsluger, D. W. Schubert, Transparency of suture able polycaprolactone nanofiber hydrogel compounds (NFHC) for medical application in ophthalmology, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomaterialien 2017, Würzburg





D. Dippold, D. Schubert, J. Beier, A. Boccaccini, Aligned PCL/Collagen electrospun nanofibers for skeletal muscle tissue engineering using benign solvents, The 24th Annual World Forum on Advanced Materials, Posen, Polen


S. Werner, D. Schubert, Controlled manufacturing of the surface texture of gel-filled silicone breast implants and the correlation to mechanical behavior, Nordic Polymer Days, Helsinki


Y. Pan, X. Liu, D. Schubert, Conductivity and phase morphology of carbon black filled immiscible polymer blends under shear in the molten state, The 24th Annual World Forum on Advanced Materials, Posen, Polen





M. Lämmlein, D. W. Schubert, Cyclic loading of model silicone elastomer samples with regard to the failure of silicone breast implants, Nordic Polymer Days, Kopenhagen


F. Lanyi, P. Kunzelmann, D. W. Schubert, Novel Chart for Representation of Material Performance and Reliability, 9. Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference, Dresden


Y. Ding, W. Li, J. Roether, A. Boccaccini, D. W. Schubert, Electrospun PHB/PCL/FUMED Silica Fibrous Structure for Bone Tissue Engineering, Polychar 23rd, Lincoln Nebraska


F. Lanyi, P. Kunzelmann, D. W. Schubert, Novel Chart for Representation of Material Performance and Reliability, Polychar 23rd, Lincoln Nebraska


F. Lanyi, S. Schrüfer, D. W. Schubert, Mapping, modelling and characterizing multifilament melt-spinning processes in dependence of variable process parameters and the number of dies, 14th Bayreuth Polymer Symposium, Bayreuth





J. Krückel, D. W. Schubert, Coupled Electrical and Rheological Experiments as a Tool to Study the Aggregation Kinetics of Carbon Black in Polymer Melts, 9th Annual European Rheology Conference, Karlsruhe


X. Liu, J. Krückel, D. W. Schubert, Mapping the electrical conductivity of carbon black filled composites prior to and after shear, Polychar 22nd, Stellenbosch


J. Daenicke, D. W. Schubert, R. Horch, B. Walter, Resilience of silicone breast implants – new insights by mapping the mechanical properties of implant, Polychar 22nd, Stellenbosch





D. W. Schubert, R. Horch, J. Daenicke, B. Walter, Resilience of Silicone Breast Implants – New Insights by Mapping the Mechanical Properties of Implant Shells, 14th BIO NANO-MATERIALS, Erlangen


C. Weck, J. Krückel, Z. Stary, D. W. Schubert, Influence of fibre length and concentration on the rheological and electrical properties of conductive polymer composites, 13th Bayreuth Polymer Symposium, Bayreuth


D. W. Schubert, M. Bechert, Application-Oriented Modeling of Draw Resonance in Polymer Melt Spinning, Polychar 21st, Gwangjui


D. W. Schubert, J. Krückel, Z. Stary, Shear Induced Changes of Carbon Black Structures in Conductive Polymer Composites, Polychar 21st, Gwangjui





M. Härth, D. W. Schubert, Simple approximate solution for modeling the spreading of a drop in the partial wetting case, Polychar 20th, Dubrovnik


M. Härth, D. W. Schubert, Untersuchungen und Modellbildung zur Benetzungskinetik polymerer Flüssigkeiten, Luise Prell-Preis 2012 für herausragende Masterarbeit





C. Triebel, P. Kunzelmann, D. W. Schubert, H. Münstedt, Elasticity of polystyrene melts filled with silica nanoparticles: Influence of matrix polydispersity, 12th Bayreuth Polymer Symposium, Bayreuth